Friday, March 24, 2006

Where only Asians can find humor

I was talking to my co-worker about the NCAA basketball games coming up tonight. Will is a single, Chinese-American guy who's around 40 years old. He's just moved back to the Bay Area after living in the Northwest for a number of years. While he's open to dating all types, he's dated primarily Caucasian women in recent times. I'm not attracted to him and I would never date a co-worker, so it's all pretty casual conversation.

Anyhow, he was asking me if I was planning to watch the games tonight. (I'm one of the few women at work who the men will talk college sports with - because I actually know and care.) I shrugged my shoulders and told him, "probably not since my mom is in town. When do the games start?"

"7:20pm," he said.

I thought about it and realized, "well, we'll be at dinner but you know I might actually make it home for the end of it. But then, I probably shouldn't watch the game with my mom around."

He seemed curious by that remark though somehow I think he knew why, but he still asked. I explained, "My mom thinks I get a little too excited watching sports and that my behaviour is somewhat inappropriate."

He started to laugh and commented on the choice of words in my explanation. I continued by expanding upon how my voice is rather loud and could be perceived as unattractive. I provided her theory on why maybe men don't want to date me. I said it with a bit of a sarcastic tone though, sadly, it's the truth of her thinking. Will just laughed, understanding that that's how Asian mother's think but also indirectly assuring me of how absurd that reasoning was.

Just another those things Asian-American women like me must weather from our mothers... .

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