Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Amazing timing... and a happy beginning?

I should be studying for my language exam tomorrow, but I had to write with some happy news. All my drama has been just that.

My old boss and I were talking in the parking lot tonight. She gave me the same advice as my therapist that since I have nothing to lose to give KT a call and ask him out to a movie for Saturday. (She also reminded me that "it was okay when [I was] 22 with a tiara on [my] head to wait for a guy to make a move, but now [I ]need to try a little harder.") It was on my mind all day. So when I got home I drafted an e-mail to send to him Wednesday.

"Hi KT,

I thought write and ask how you're doing. What kind of trouble did you get yourself into over the weekend? ;) I took my mom out for dinner on Friday, and we strolled through the R Shopping Center on Saturday. It was nice to have her visit for a bit.

I will be officially done with class tonight. [Exhale] I hope I'm ready for this test. I thought we could catch up tonight and wanted to know when would be a good time to call tonight."

Well, there's no need to send it now. Just as my 10pm show started, the phone rang. I left my friends to go into another room and answered. Wow, it was KT. We chatted a little about our weekends. He was confused as to whether I had been gone and I clarified that I was entertaining my mom. It was a short talk because he knew I needed to get back to my friends.

Basically, he suggested that we could go have dinner and see a movie on Saturday night. We're both curious about "V for Vendetta." I suggested that we both look into what other movies might be coming out this weekend and talk again on Thursday. I wanted to make sure that I said I'd call so that we don't just exchange a dozen e-mails the next couple days. It's so funny that we both had the same idea (but I'm glad he beat me to it ;) ).

Wheee!!! I feel so silly to be so relieved and happy about this. After all the ranting and overthinking... . Thank goodness I went to the gym tonight because it really helped clear my mind and stop worrying.

Funny note: This was his "Daily Love Horoscope for March 28, 2006"

Overcome a romantic stumbling block with the help of a flexible -- but proactive! -- attitude. Look for a creative solution, and don't overlook the possibility of a fix that's much easier than you might expect.

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mini said...

writing email exchanges back and forth can get so frustrating. i've also wondered why things have to be like a tennis match ... if he's interested enough, he should be man enough to make a move beyond email and ask for a date. sounds like KT's got the right idea, though :) good luck!