Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Must... stop... complaining...

Admittedly, I was thinking that for my dinner with KT that we could go somewhere different, maybe a city down or closer to where he lives since there's many Asian restaurants there.

So he just sent a reply to my inquiry about where to go... and my mind is already racing through lots of negative questions. So much for not setting expectations. I'm trying soooo hard not to [sigh].

"Thursday night dinner sounds good. How far are you willing to go? Snyl? Mpt? San?"

--> So does this mean I'll be driving myself? I want to be picked up.
A: I can't expect him to pick me up - this isn't a date necessarily and that would be a lot of extra distance for him to come from work

--> How far am I willing... is he being lazy?
A: Again, distance. If he's coming from work, he probably wants to make sure he's not late.

--> Well, if he actually took me out on a weekend, I wouln't be complaining about this now would I?
A: [Sigh] You barely know the guy. Then again, I don't have any good explanation on this one. [Suspicions start to creep in.]

--> Am I paying my own?
A: I thought you told yourself that this is just a friendly dinner. Let it go and wait to see what happens.

--> So how am I supposed to dress for this? Are jeans okay or is that too casual? How do I make sure I don't overdress?
A: Uh, well I suppose tennis shoes and a yoga outfit would be totally inappropriate. Damn, I can just see myself piling up a dozen outfits on my bed tonight. And it's supposed to rain tomorrow. Ack!

--> Why can't he just suggest a place? Lame...
A: Look at it the other way and think that he's trying to be considerate of my opinion. Maybe he has some favorites that are a little further away.

Okay, have I calmed myself down? My therapist will have some interesting things to say about working on my skepticism and negative attitude.

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