Thursday, March 09, 2006

Busy Flakey Man

I did get a response from KT last night. He wrote a rather pleasant e-mail, detailing his weekend of snowboarding. He asked me about business traveling. He also talked about other Pac-10 basketball results. Overall I'd say it was a very nice "conversation" as we've exchanged in the past. At the end, he put the week into perspective for me:

"Anyway, hope all is going well. Work has been pretty busy this week and I work a lot of late shifts. Maybe we can catch up some time next week?"

I understand that happens in his line of work, but I still find it frustrating that he would not take a minute to alert me in advance. I'll play along, besides it turns out I'd rather see my girlfriends this week (birthday). I will write him (and on the advice of my therapist) suggest that he try and schedule a time with me a few days ahead of time. We'll see if I can say this in a tactful way and avoid my passive-aggressive tendencies.

I feel like I've calmed down over this whole thing. While he could be a nice guy, I can't sit around waiting for him. I now think of this more as a friend. We'll get to know each other, and who knows, maybe he has a cute friend he plays tennis with that I can date. ;) I feel like we at least get along well enough there's no reason to maintain contact. Every person is a potential opportunity to at least meet more people.

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