Monday, March 20, 2006

Learning patience

I know I said I'm not religious, but sometimes I can't help wonder if I'm being sent a message when things happen. The two guys I thought I had a chance of seeing in the next week have both delayed themselves. My initial reaction is that God (or fate) is trying to teach me patience. (And don't we all need a lesson in patience given the expectation of instant gratification by American society.)

Wa has travel that will keep him away until the 5th. Hopefully I'll have my taxes done before he returns. Gof was planning to join me and some friends for a movie this weekend. At the last minute, he wrote today saying he can't make it because his parents will be in town. (And just wanted to note, over the weekend I noticed that he found my profile on Friendster.) Darn, no free food and attention for me.

It would seem that the most frequently I'm allowed to meet men is biweekly. :p [OR, so says the little hopeful part of me, this is to keep the road clear for KT. Egads I'm getting silly now... I've got to stop peeking at his picture on the Internet!]

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