Thursday, March 16, 2006

What'd ya know

I was sitting on my couch, eating some rather old leftovers as a late dinner. It just felt good to veg as I don't feel like I've had much time to myself since Saturday morning. I was hoping my pal, Tim, would call and come over to watch tv with me at 10pm.

When the phone rang around quarter 'til, the ring indicated it was a general call. It could have been anyone so imagine my surprise when I saw it was KT. Now there's a miracle. (I know, stop being so mean and cynical.)

We talked for a total of 40 minutes. It's been pretty easy to talk to each other minus a few pauses. I think we both have an easy time rambling and shifting topics quickly (thanks to ADD ;) ). KT said he was sick last week and was involved in a minor traffic accident. I suppose that could explain why he was MIA last week.

I am definitely learning that it's going to take time to get to know him. The way he talks, I feel like he can be rather shy. On the other hand, when he mentions activities he's done, like clubbing in LA or being in a fraternity in college, I find it hard to believe he's not socially okay.

So we'll be meeting for dinner tonight at a Thai place. It's actually a pretty good place as far as I remember. The only thing is that with all the dining out I did over the weekend, my appetite is smaller than normal. He's so thin I'm sure he can eat the difference. ;)

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