Thursday, March 09, 2006

Choice of words

I was having a discussion with a couple girlfriends about meeting guys and this old question came to mind. We all do it. I was even told once by a guy friend of mine that he was careful about how he posed dinner to a female work colleague to make it clear that it was casual. So how do you interpret and answer it?

So if a guy says/writes the following, which ones is it just being friends and which ones is he fishing for a date? Is the answer different if it's e-mail versus phone versus in person?

- Want to grab dinner?

- Just wondering if you'd be interested in meeting for tea/coffee or dinner some time after work?

- Maybe we can catch up some time next week?

- Do you want to get lunch tomorrow?

- Would you be interested in having dinner Thursday?

- How does your schedule look next week?

- Can I take you to dinner sometime?

- Would you be up for meeting up for dinner?

- Would you like to go out for coffee sometime?

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