Tuesday, March 21, 2006

In a more rationale hour...

Okay, I'm considerably more calm now. I guess it just wasn't a good way to start the day to read that e-mail. I'm still disappointed that he's made no effort to ask me out. He actually responded fairly quickly this morning explaining that he got his days mixed up and that he did all that stuff on Sunday. That's fine. But still nothing about getting together. Do you think he might actually call? (Naw, that'd be to logical. Besides, I'm busy the next three evenings. If he had called last night perhaps we could have met up tonight. His loss. Loser.)

Maybe if he's nice, I'll invite him to join me and my friends for a movie... of course that puts both him and I in an awkward position. I mean we're going to be embarrassed by my friends in some respect. Not intentionally, just that they may give him the third degree, and certainly I'll get asked questions later. I should have known that Ig would say something about me bringing a strange guy to watch basketball. (You'd never think guys would "gossip.") Of course, deep inside I like the attention. It's more that I fear the expectation that something is developing when this thing could fizzle at any moment.

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