Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Thursday girl

Okay, so I said I didn't expect anything and Murphy's law comes through again. I was stuck at the airport and checked my e-mail using my cell phone. I knew I had to respond to a friend about going skiing.

In mobile format I can only see the first couple words of e-mail titles but not the sender. So when I saw "Dinner?" on the list of new e-mails, the word "no" came out of my mouth with doubt and surprise. I thought, it couldn't be... but it was. Flakey man actually wrote, though I'd have to say it was with minimal effort:

"Hi Pandax,

How was class last night? Just checking in to see if you have time to get together for dinner sometime this week (maybe Thursday?) or next week.


My heart didn't exactly race this time though, admittedly, I was somewhat pleased to hear from him. So I wrote him a quick note mentioning that I was in the process of flying home and that Thursday sounded good. Doesn't hurt to meet up with someone for dinner.

"Get together" is a very vague term. Whether it be consciously or subconsciously, anyone who uses that instead of "have" is avoiding being direct. Either he's still testing the waters or establishing distance. I still think he should pay for dinner since he's the one that asked. Maybe we should go to a Chinese restaurant so I can see if he'll take the time to pour my tea - a sign of good manners.

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