Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bizarro advice

So unlike all of my female friends, my therapist had a totally different suggestion for me. I told her everyone advised me to either wait for him to make a move or to just drop him completely. While she credits me for being more patient and giving him this long, she still thinks that I should continue to see what happens.

I quickly pointed out to her that she is the only one who thinks I should continue to be in contact with KT. She agrees there is something odd about the fact that he wouldn't take the opportunity to ask me out again these past few days. When I mentioned that my co-worker's impression of his recent e-mails is that he's treating me like a buddy, she had to stop and agree. She also acknowledges that his inability or unwillingness to see me on the weekend is rather suspicious. I have a feeling she had other suspicions about him that never even occurred to me (e.g. he's living with a woman).

Her idea? She thinks that I should choose a nice restaurant, call him, and invite him to dinner date on a Friday or Saturday night. She sees it as an opportunity to reciprocate and pay for his dinner. This would also be an chance for me to make my perspective on the situation clearer to him. If he excuses himself from dinner, his reasons would hopefully give me a better indication of what his thinking is.

Naturally I was very skeptical of the idea. I'm just frustrated. I even joked with her that at this point I'm almost thinking to make this into an experiment and say something completely bizarre. If that's my attitude at this point, then she felt it all the better I try this approach since it would appear I have nothing to lose.

I don't know what to do at this point. I don't really feel like doing anything (other than give him a good kick in the head). Fortunately, I suppose I don't have enough feelings for him to need to cry. But I'm infatuated enough to be desperately disappointed and hurt. Sure, I could be jumping to conclusions and maybe he'll come around... but things need to change.

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