Monday, March 06, 2006

Sorry for the anxiety attack

You know, I always thought all the swooning over guys was something you only did when you were a teenager. I figured that as I got older I wouldn't get so silly over guys because I'd know better how to react and interact with them. Based on my freak out the other day, I guess not.

At least I'm busy traveling for work these next couple days, maybe that will help keep my mind away from thinking about KT. I obsess because it's fun and maybe because I haven't really met anybody who has been interesting enough these last two years (gulp!). He's probably set up for failure in my mind already.

There's a speed dating event next Saturday. Maybe I'll get my sorry ass off the couch and go. I still hate these things sometimes, but I still like them better than the Internet dating scene.

If KT's got other stuff going on, I'd have to be he's Internet dating. I came up with a new name for myself - "Thursday girl" because that's when I've seen him. Ha ha... . So if he is dating more than one person, what do his friends think when he brings different girls to activities like tennis? Who do you suppose I would have met if I had gone to play tennis? Too bad I can't ask Larry if he knows anything. ;)

On a side note... Las Vegas is crazy. It's fun for like a couple days but people let themselves go a *little* too much. Talk about taking the marketing slogan to a new level... you may think what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but just wait until some guy posts the pictures on the Internet. The association of restaurant and bar owners is here for their annual convention. Man, I'm staying clear of their events - it's just not me.

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