Friday, March 03, 2006

The Red Among Us

So KT joined Ig and I for the game yesterday. He arrived a little after the game started because he visited with his sister for dinner. He was dressed in a heatherblue turtleneck sweater with jeans.

The seating arrangement was a little awkward. Initially Ig sat across from me. So when KT arrived I scooted down one seat so that he didn't have to squeeze past me. That put me with my back to him whenever we were watching the game.

Ig was good about talking to him. In general, I think guys have a much easier time talking with each other versus two woman who don't know each other. Ig asked some requisite questions about KT's job and where he lives. I added a little by mentioning that they both started in NY. That sent them on this conversation where I could only sit and listen. They ended up talking about their high schools and stuff.

KT seemed pretty knowledgeable about the team. When Ig asked why he was a fan, KT mumbled something that I could not hear. I think he said he was already a fan before going to college and stayed that way. Whenever the guys talked basketball players I just listened.

Overall I think it was good to have both guys there. I can't talk b-ball so it gives them an outlet for guy stuff. On the other hand, I felt I struggle at times to generate conversation with KT. It's difficult when you only have 2 minutes during commercials to exchange any meaningful information. Also, because Ig and I have been watching sporting events together for years, I tended to go to him for answers first when it came to the school and the team. I kept trying to give KT some eye contact to keep him included, but it was hard.

We talked briefly about snowboarding. KT had gone to Sportmart to buy himself a helmet because he's going to DR with a friend for the weekend. Do you think there's any chance I inspired him to go try again? I also learned that he used to play ultimate back in SD. We had been talking about the Olympics and Ig asked if he played.

The conversations were definitely casual. I don't know if it was appropriate, but I mentioned to Ig about Alba being on the cover of Playboy. He was of course immediately intrigued. Then KT filled us in on why it was such big news. She is suing because they didn't not have permission to use her photo on the cover. Big disappointment because there are no photos of her inside the issue. I wonder what KT must have thought for me to bring up such a subject. Is that cool to a guy?

I hope KT had a good time. He was definitely quieter this time. I found myself feeling excited but nervous to have him sitting next to me. For whatever reason, I am attracted to him and it clouds my mind.

I am very curious to see if Ig has an observations about last night. I never felt like KT looked at me in a special way. He walked away from the table at one point to use the restroom. I watched him and saw him check his watch. While he waited his turn, he leaned against the doorframe and watched the game. I never caught him looking back our way. I guess I was disappointed that he wasn't more interested in me. Don't you want to sneak a glance at someone if you find them attractive?

As we prepared to leave, I carried KT's jacket over to him. I think he's had it every time I've seen him. I had put it on a separate chair for him during the game because I think he was having trouble with it.

So at the end of the night we stood there in the gravel lot. After some last thoughts about the disappointing loss, KT prepared to say goodnight. He started to take steps towards me with his right arm slightly away from his body. I wasn't sure if he was coming towards me for a hug, I didn't move and he stopped. Oops? So he thanked me for allowing him to joining us and mentioned about seeing me next week (or soon?). I answered positively. He thanked Ig, though they didn't shake hands or anything, and headed for his car. This time he drove a Camry. As Ig tried to talk to me, I quickly glanced around his right shoulder to catch the license plate, 3RQ... or was it a 4?

Ig and I stood there for several more minutes to figure out our weekend ski plans. The funny thing is that Ig started thinking we should go to DR because it's a closer drive. Imagine if I bumped into KT on Saturday. Should I send him a friendly e-mail to warn him of the possibility or should I just see if it happens?

I'm smitten, I can't lie. I'd like to think that I got a clearer signal that he's interested in me. I just still can't figure out why he seems to limit how and when we see each other. It still seems suspicious. I'm afraid. I don't want to get burned again. How can I be me and enjoy what's happening but protect myself at the same time?

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Anna May Won't said...

hi, pandax - i just looked through some of your site. dating sucks! sometimes i don't know what's easier - or more difficult - to deal with: loneliness or an uncertain situation with someone you like.