Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Just slap a big "L" on my forehead

I know I've said that I'm giving up on KT. After all the last time I heard from him was a non-chalant e-mail last Tuesday morning. But I guess I'm a sorry, lame-ass loser.

And so it's been a week. Today would also be the typical time Mr. Every-Other-Thursday would e-mail me to ask me out for Thursday. Naturally, every time I've looked at my personal e-mail today, I wonder if there'll be anything from him. Gosh, why do I torture myself like this?

When I was on the phone with my cousin on Sunday, I played around with my imitation Magic 8-Ball. Every question I asked was consistently answered by the ball with a resounding "Don't bet on it" or other negative response whenever I asked a hopeful question about KT.

And here's some interesting information - http://8ball.ofb.net/procedure.html

50% Positive (e.g. "Yes - Definitely")
25% Negative (e.g. "My Sources Say No")
25% Vague (e.g. "Better Not Tell You Now")

It's silly, yes, but when it's so consistent (even when you give it a negative question) you have to wonder if fate is trying to tell you something (like get a clue dunce, he's not into you).

A good run on the treadmill tonight should help me sleep through anything that comes up.

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