Friday, March 31, 2006

Guns, tanks, and salsa dancing

We had a gathering of gal pals (plus one SO) to view some photos from a trip to Taiwan and Japan. Since three of us are single and out on the market, we tend to check-in every chance to hear the scoop.

Suna had a second date with the guy she met from speed dating. It was the one guy she was somewhat excited about meeting because they had met awhile back through dancing.

They had the traditional dinner and a movie night. Everything sounds like it went fine except for what she learned about his job. He's a mechanical engineer by training. To put it simply, his job is to put guns on tanks. What else is there to say?

Naturally we were all in awe that that's even a job... but someone has to know how to do that right? The next question is, of course, how does she feel about that? Well, you might guess it didn't sit well with her. I'd say the majority of people in our circles of friends are liberal. We all paused in deep thought about the idea of knowing someone who deals with serious military machinery.

So how do you decide what you can live with? I think most of us have obvious dealbreakers when it comes to relationships. But what do you do with the ones that come out of left field? I guess he could always change jobs - problem solved. What does that say about his character? He said he hates Bush, but he could still be conservative.

It's early, I think she is still open to the idea. She wants to go salsa dancing with him first. ;)

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