Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Battery power

Well, can't write much today because I forgot to pack my power cord for my trip. It's amazing how useless one can feel without a computer connection.

No surprise that I haven't' heard from KT. Being away from the computer and the Internet has probably soften the blow a little. I'll give him credit if he actually calls me instead, but I don't know that I'd bet money on that happening.

I'm wondering if he got the wrong impression last week hanging out with me and Ig. Since he left saying that he'd see me next week, I didn't think so. However, maybe he rethought the situation. I never clearly explained that Ig is an old friend though you'd think he realized that when I made the joke that my friend would have been happy if I had brought a cute, single Asian woman to the sports bar. That should be clear right?

Anyhow, I put my name on the list for speed dating for this Saturday. I'll find out Friday whether or not to go. Boy, I hope I don't bump into KT there. Wouldn't that be awkward.

Don't you just wish sometimes that people could be more direct with each other? Sure, it ruins the suspense and the challenge, but sometimes I think it would clear up so many misunderstanding that cause people to give up on each other. I was thinking about something that happened to my cuz a few months back and happened to me ten years ago. When the guys we were dating didn't hear from us, they thought we were mad at them, and we never heard from them again. (Of course, we only know this because we went to them afterwards and asked what happened.) In both cases, I think everyone liked each other, but I guess there was enough in security or doubt to make this unfortunate assumption.

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