Friday, March 10, 2006

Taking a newbie

So my friend Suna and I were confirmed for speed dating before lunch today. She seems to have a good attitude about it. She was dating someone for 3+ years and they broke up last year when it became clear that he was unlikely to move back to the U.S. I know she was pretty heartbroken about it. Is that worse than breaking up someone who you aren't compatible with?

She's never participated in speed dating before so this is all new to her. We'll have to give her a sense of what to expect and how to deal with people. I hope that this is a decent experience for her - you know, no creeps and maybe a laugh or two (besides meeting a nice guy). We a couple years apart in age so we might not actually talk with the same guys. Too bad because we won't get to compare notes, but then again, this way there's no issue with dating the same guy. Thank goodness that's never happened.

She asked for any tips or things she needed to know about participating in these things. I referred her to some articles that have been written about these events. I told her that I have an alternative e-mail account I use when meeting these guys. (After all you don't need some psycho knowing your name and spamming your favorite account.) I have to remember to tell her how to take quick notes about each guy so she'll remember who they are at the end of the night and if she communicates with them later. I find that noting a couple key words helps a lot. An occupation, a unique topic of conversation, a pet, a vacation, something that will jar your mind into remembering them is VERY helpful. Keeping the notes short is also good because then you don't look rude scribbling while they're talking.

I'm pretty neutral about going. I know I need to get out and meet people. And I think the people I've met there before have been decent. The best frame of mind for me is to go in focusing on improving my social skills and meeting new people - that's all. I don't expect a lot out of these things only because, I've never been on more than three dates with any of these event results. I do, however, know one friend who is getting married to someone that she, another girlfriend, and I all met at a speed dating event almost two years ago. Proof! Such a rare thing.

[Exhale] Here we go again! Wish me luck!

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Anna May Won't said...

good luck, pandax! have fun.