Friday, March 24, 2006

Girl chat

I had dinner with a girlfriend of mine. I thought religion would be my biggest problem when I met KT (and thought we would date). It turns out it became her issue. I admire her ability to have such an open conversation with her guy since they've only been dating two months. But I grant you they both know it's an important point to discuss early.

I described to her what's been happening with KT. Several people have reminded me about the book, "He Just Not That Into You." I know it's probably the case here, and maybe I'm hopeless in thinking he'll come around and realize what a great person I am for him. (Geez, I wish I could get myself to believe that more often.)

The one point I took away from the evening was this, when at all possible avoid e-mail and USE THE PHONE. E-mail is an evil invention that allows people to avoid human contact. Don't let guys do this, get them to pick up the phone and call. (And I need to work on not be lazying myself.)

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teahouse said...

Hey..thanks for commenting on my blog! Nice to meet you, and you have a nice blog. Good luck with the boys! I've given up trying to figure them out..they're un-figure-out-able. Even those of us who have boyfriends are often perplexed by their inexplicable behavior..sorry not to be able to add any words of wisdom, but I'm convinced that patience is the key to letting the universe unfold before us.