Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Finger drum roll please...

And the results of the speed dating are back! Out of the two new men I met, Mr. "You look familiar" and I matched. I also matched with my acquaintance guy, Gof. I suppose I wasn't surprised not to get the e-mail for the ponytailed writer. He probably thought the same as me that while it would be interesting, it wouldn't work out.

So now the question is, do I need to do anything. Will the guy write? I could go either way on this. After all, five minutes doesn't tell you much. Unless it was an instantaneous and powerful connection, I wouldn't want to meet for more than drinks.

My gal pals who came with me got only one match as well. The pickings just weren't very interesting and we've learned over time there's less reason to check someone who you only want to be friends with. Why waste that person's time or potentially give them the wrong idea. There are those people who check everyone on the list just so they can see who chose them. Grow up! Is that a need to feel wanted or superior because you know you're lame? Or are you just desparate?

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