Monday, April 17, 2006

Why I want

I can't help be harsh on myself for continually checking e-mail. Why do I constantly yearn for attention?

Why I want to hear from KT? (because I was once told we don't "need" anything)

- I need to know that I am desirable (because when I see my hair in the morning and those wobbling thighs, you need a little reassurance)
- Because I am emotionally invested and want to see him again
- I want to believe that he likes me too
- I want to tell him about "V for Vendetta" (and how I'm happy we chose to see the other movie together)
- Because if I hear from him today, that means more than hearing from him Wednesday (and maybe he's going to be a better date - turning blue now from holding my breath)
- My eggs are getting old and I hate twiddling my thumbs waiting
- I'm a pathetically needy woman
- My mother would be so happy if I brought him home
- Because I want to play hooky from work this week and have him invite me to spend a day with him (damn, I already made my birtday wishes)
- I want him to tell me about his trip (and see if attending a wedding gave him any good ideas)
- So we can have a date before I take off for vacation
- I'd like to know that someone is thinking of me in a nice way
- Because I want him to kiss me (Stop being such a chicken! I don't bite... well, not yet anyways)

Why I want to hear from Waby (or another man for that reason)?

- I need to feel special
- I want to think that I'm intriguing to men
- Because I'm tired of being single
- I want to have something else to think about
- I want another free dinner ;)
- I like meeting new people
- I'm a pathetically needy woman
- I'm suffering from a childhood of being unrecognized and thirst for attention
- It would be nice to believe that someone gets me
- Because I think that by meeting more people I can work on my social skills
- Eventually, it'd be nice to use up the condoms in my drawer
- I know eventually I'll meet someone
- It's better to do e-mail than work
- Because I like feeling happy

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