Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Wow, Three wrote back rather quickly this time. It's the last e-mail I expected. And I have to say I am now somewhat relieved to know a little more about KT. It would seem his dating habits haven't changed much since college:

"The baby is napping so I have a quick few minutes to write back. Wow -- you're dating KT? Is he a doctor? If so, yes, Kei and I both know him. KT and I lived in the same dorm and he is one of Kei's [fraternity] brothers. Anyway, maybe I should ask you what you think of him first before I tell you my side of the story. :) He is a really nice guy and very sweet. As I recall, he had a tough time with the chicks at R only because he would be nervous around them -- does that make sense? Where is he working nowadays?

The best way I can describe [him] in terms of someone we know is Frank. That wasn't suppose to be mean or anything but gives you an idea about personality, etc. Does that sound about right? Let me know -- good luck! :)"

Oh thank goodness it's just shyness. I couldn't help laugh a little after reading it. It's just so strange to learn this after all the drama I've been creating the past month. Frank was another classmate of ours in grad school. He was the nicest guy, but rather quiet. I remember IMing him the year after school when he was interested in this girl, Gina. He just seemed so lost.

SOOOOOO glad I asked Three about KT. Maybe I'll give him a call tonight and see if he's up for 80s dancing. :)

Then again, perhaps I should first ask myself whether I can live with this personality trait or if there's a way to work on it.

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