Wednesday, April 19, 2006

It's a mystery

I rewatched "Shakespeare in Love" last night and couldn't help think of this line. "It's a mystery" seems to describe so many things these days (but at least it's been entertaining). Every time I watch this movie I'm inspired to head down to my local library and pick up a copy of "Twelfth Night" and enrich myself, but as always, I never do it. The movie really romanticized Shakespearean plays and makes me really excited about them.

So I will soon be visiting my therapist. I didn't speak with her last week because it was spring break, and I presume she was on vacation with the family. I'm going to have to be very efficient with the 50 minutes we have to catch her up on all that has happened in the past two weeks. She knows nothing of either the 80s dancing date or the pre-birthday dinner. My big question is whether she'll encourage me, AGAIN, to be more assertive and pursue KT.

It's going to be a tug of war I imagine. I'm just very reluctant and skeptical of these things. Granted, it seemed to work out well right? Even my cousin was very impressed with my actions. It was funny to hear her so excited about my "accomplishment." (Yeah, big whoop... :p) I honestly don't feel like it's done much in the way of moving things along. The fool still won't touch me with a ten-foot pole. We'd probably have to be forced into one of those adolescent games, you know, the one where you get thrown into a dark closet together? (Okay, I've never even played spin the bottle.) I bet that'd be the only way he'd ever touch me. And you can imagine even that would be an incredibly stressful situation for such a shy guy.

I think I've managed to calm down a bit. I am resigned to the idea that he's disappeared. Maybe he decided at the last minute to get out of town for his vacation. He did mention something about a bachelor party (though considering most of his friends are church goers, it's not likely they're in Vegas putting $1 bills in some girl's g-string - what a strange picture that is in my mind right now). Does he realize I'm leaving for vacation this weekend?

I did e-mail Lips. Not sure why I haven't heard from her either. It would seem that fate is telling me to go on vacation already.

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