Thursday, April 06, 2006

Drumming my fingers

So here I am, just home from a retail therapy session that turned into a dinner and chat session with Hula and C3. We'll make up the retail therapy on Sunday. :)

It was funny because my two girls friends are both married. When I mentioned my concern about being too close to his mother and what that might mean long term, C3 questioned whether I was thinking a bit far ahead. Once I detailed the movie conversation where he said he takes Mom to the movies, she understood why it was already on my mind. There was only complete agreement from both of them that this was a valid question. Both of them laughed and teased me knowing that this could very well be a challenge.

I admittedly kept the phone nearby in case KT tried to call. We left the restaurant at 10pm and NOTHING. Can you tell I was mad? He's the one who said he'd get back to me about his schedule. Maybe I've misinterpreted and he means he'll let me know on Friday afternoon? I guess this is his default way of making a decision... argh. My e-mail clearly showed that if we were joining my friends that I needed to change the number of the seats for the reservation. Now what do I do? The whole time driving home I kept repeating to myself, "I'm not calling him, I'm not calling him," through my gritted teeth.

Still, I kept hopeful and thought that maybe I'd find an e-mail response waiting for me at home. Not exactly what I would have preferred but something. When I logged in, my inbox showed 5 new e-mails. Alas, they were just from my friends thanking each other for our great Tuesday night dinner.

... well... there really isn't much to say is there... or... there is but it wouldn't be very nice... and I wouldn't want to regret it later.

In my current, altered state, I'd say he's got one life left (and I'm allergic to cats). I like him, but I just don't think I have the patience for this anymore. :( I've let myself get my hopes up too much about this guy.

I guess we'll hear from him tomorrow... I'm going to sleep now and dream of meeting better men. ;)

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