Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Differing opinions

I've probably told six or seven girlfriends the ongoing details of my dates and interactions with KT. They seen me surprised, confused, frustrated, happy, annoyed, hopeful, you name it.

It's been interesting to hear people's different opinions and levels of tolerance. A few have been very kind and supportive of the relationship, saying to keep trying and be patient because he seemed shy. The middle opinion is that I need to sit down and lay down my cards, per se, and see if he'll provide some clarification about what his intentions. The extreme is to bail on him altogether and find someone who will treat me the way I want.

It just goes to show you there's no right answer in dating. It's just so hard for me to balance out my desire to give him a chance versus not getting too attached if he's not that into me. I want to put in a fair effort, but I don't want to feel like a fool or a doormate.

I went back and looked at my list from a couple days ago. One thing stands out to me right now:

"Apparent lack of dating experience: Does he have any ounce of romance in him? Would I miss it? Do I feel comfortable if I have to drive this relationship?"

All I can do is stare at this... either my mind just goes blank or starts running a mile a minute. Part of me also needs to make sure that this isn't just a challenge for myself. I worry that I subconsciously am treating this like a game to win.

What will I do? How will he react? Dating is so stressful...

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