Thursday, April 13, 2006

Cooks in the kitchen

My friends, as usual, came through with a great evening for me. We all met up to watch "Amazing Race." C3 and her husband, Ja, offered to bring dinner to Ig's for everyone. So the plan became to start eating around 7:30 or 8pm. Fortunately, we have the flexibility to record the show and watch it later (though it's not as good as Tivo).

While we were waiting for the food, I told Sh that the drama with KT is done. I couldn't help think she seemed a bit relieved. I know I get a bit crazy with dating stories and the need to analyze. Once we got the whole group of six together, everyone took a small part in commenting on my dates. It's just funny hearing how different people's perspectives were about certain details.

- I explained how KT told me that he was covering dinner and about the "Your Friend" signature. Ja very quickly said that it doesn't mean anything and that I'm fine. He said there's still possibilities though he's still wondering how many girls this guy is dating. Now, you also have to know that Ja is a very determined and sharp guy. He was always dating multiple women and expects different behavior from people. C3 kept having to qualify his comments and reminding him that not all guy would act like he does. Basically, I remember Ja saying, "he's not ready to date you right now but that doesn't mean it won't happen."

- The guys were funny about this. They all asked me what KT should have signed at the end of the card. The gals, in unison, agreed that he could have just signed his name. Of course we wouldn't expect him to sign "Love," because that would be interpreted as moving way too fast. Cards are are an awkward thing. I have to admit, I've been disappointed in the past with special occaision cards, so I have very low expectation.

- I mentioned that I offered to pay for movie tickets and KT allowed me to. Ig hadn't to ask me to repeat what happened as if it were something unbelievable. I tried to explain that I considered it a good gesture since the date was going well (and C3 and Sh agreed that it can be a positive). He said that he'd never let that happen. He thought KT should have acknowledge my offer but still pay for the tickets. It was rather endearing to see him so disturbed by that, but I can see that of Ig. When he meets a girl he likes, he will go all out and be the best and most romantic guy you can get. We joke sometimes that he's a bit metrosexual, but he's very stubbornly, an old-fashioned man when it comes to dating.

- Tim thinks I'm being silly. He thinks that the whole IM thing is a positive sign that KT wants to talk with me more.

- C3 and Sh had a similar attitude to me. That this seems to be a sign of either being friends or taking things slow. I'm not going to stop spending time with KT, but certainly I'm not going to go to any extra efforts. Now it's just time to continue to meet other men. If KT wants to hang out, I'll be happy to go, but it's not a priority.

I love my friends. We really are an extended family. Besides talking about AR and how we hate those damn frat boys, we get into all kinds of discussion (and make every effort to make fun of someone in the process) whether they be about computers, buying property, or politics.

At the end of the evening, they came out with a taro birthday cake from one of the good Chinese bakeries. I had told Tim last week that I wanted an Asian style cake with fruit. (He had tried to convince me that I wanted a chocolate cake.) I managed to blow out all the candles (maybe a dozen) in one breath, but boy it was close. My lungs aren't what they used to be. ;)

To end the day, Tim drove over a little later and we watch David Letterman. We couldn't be in NYC like last year, but it was a fun show to watch together. :)

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