Monday, April 17, 2006

Waiting or adopting

In my random blog browsing, I came across the blog of a 33-year-old, single, white woman who recently had her dream come true. She adopted a 13-month-old girl from China. I was intrigued by all the photos. I have to go back and read more about her journey.

It arouses a lot of curiosity for me because when I was fresh out of college, I had thought that should I be unlucky to still be single when I was 35, I'd consider adoption. (Gee, that age came sooner than I expected...) Seeing her site today really brought forward some emotions and fears that I have allowed to fade into the shadows. Now, I find myself feeling somewhat alone and sad.

I still have a lot of friends who say they're not ready for children or that they don't feel that NEED yet. I never worried about it for a long time. I assumed my time would come. That is, until the past few years, as I've watched friends have start families and find them preparing for number two in some cases. The world seems to be passing me by without a glance.

Perhaps this isn't exactly a dating story. I debated whether to locate this in my other blog. But it speaks to dating in that I wonder how much longer I should keep trying to find a husband. Taking care of child will change everything. I certainly don't think I'd have time to date. And most definitely, men would look at me very differently.

To be continued...

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