Saturday, April 22, 2006

A sincere last note

I have to give credit to Waby's truth that "if it's not clear, there's nothing going on." It would definitely seem to be the case with KT. You'd think by this age we'd all be better able to be straight forward and deal with these situations, but maybe that's why some of us are still single at this age.

KT is not a bad person by any means, though I would dare say that he has some etiquette and boundary issues. I think we're both decent people, so it's only proper to provide him with a show of appreciation for his honesty. He wasn't intentionally a jerk. There is little chance of running into him in the future, but certainly the possibility exists. I don't want to burn any bridges and want to minimize the awkwardness of any future encounter (plus I have my dentist to think about ;)).

My e-mail was short and simple - no blame, no explanations, no expectations:

"Dear K,

Thanks, I appreciate your honesty. I'm glad we could clear this up.

Take care,

(Okay, what I wrote might be a little vague because I don't actually say I'm not interested in being friends, but I didn't want to risk adding anything that could be misinterpreted. My hope is that no mention of remaining friends and the "take care" given him enough sense of my feelings.)

There have been dozens of thoughts, critiques, and theories that have come and gone the past couple days. When I sit down to blog, however, I can't remember them, though at that moment they seemed worth mentioning. Seeing as it's all a moot point now, I'm okay with putting it all to rest.

I am satisfied that I gave this situation my fair attention and effort. I have no regrets other than maybe speaking up sooner. This was a success in that I was able to be myself, I took initiative to show interest, and I knew when to move on (well, mostly).


Anna May Won't said...

good for you for coming out asking! that takes guts. and i think your reply was perfect.

zerodoll said...

i think your reply was perfect as well, and pretty clear if he's not clueless, kinda "have a good life."