Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Silence as the wind rustles the trees

I'm sitting here looking out the office windows. It's finally feeling like spring with the clear blue skies, winds stirring the tender new leaves on the trees, and the yellow of the mustard weed that grows taller than me. An old red cottage sits off to the site of the road that I can see across the street. It's perfectly picturesque.

So why do I lamely keeping wondering what KT is up to? As I went down to lunch I thought again about when TJ asked me to rate my level of interest. As I mentioned, the score fluctuates depending on my mood. Well, today, considering the dolt hasn't made any effort to e-mail or call, he gets a 5. (Mind you 5 means I could go either way, as opposed to a '1' which would indicate that "nothing could tempt me to date you" versus a '10' which translates into "I want to become one with you.") I'm disappointed, I'm upset, I'm annoyed.

I know I shouldn't let one man bother me so much. Unfortunately, I only have myself to blame. I just can't make any excuses for him barring some unforeseen emergency. If he truly liked me, he would have contacted me. What excuse could he possibly have given that he's not working this week? I'm such an idiot. Apparently I need to be hit over the head at least 5 times (and a little bit harder please, maybe add a few nails for good measure). I guess I'm still clinging to that hope that everything will work out someday. It would seem hope never dies.

Men suck (or in KT's case, geeky boys suck).

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