Thursday, April 20, 2006

Pathetic or polite?

Okay, since I'm treating KT like a friend, I have sent him a quick e-mail.

"How's the vacation going? Since I haven't heard from you, I'm assuming you're off on a good adventure. Anything interesting in Virginia?"

>>> Of course what I want to add there, in classic passive-aggressive style, is "or you've decided you no longer want to talk to me, but if you felt that way you'd tell me because that's the polite thing to do."

"I'm getting ready to head out myself. It'll be wonderful to get on the plane for Europe on Sunday. :) J'ecoute beaucoup de Francais dans ma voiture... pouvez-vous donner moi d'euros?"

>>> Is this desperately silly or what? I'm giving you a hint that maybe we could still meet up once before I go (because my therapist and Tim both thought I should give you the opportunity).

"My friend sent me this link about learning Chinese through an iPod. I thought you might be interested. Maybe when I get back I'll download some of these podcasts to learn some friendly Chinese conversation."

>>> Nothing clever here, just honestly thought this was interesting and that he might be interested in using this to practice his Chinese. And it is really coincidence that the most recent lesson was on flirting.

Please don't write back unless you like me, please don't write back unless you feel like there's something more between us, please don't write back because I don't know what I want, please don't write back unless... or write me back and be VERY clear about being J U S T friends.

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