Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Should I have?

Again, being impulsive and curious... I sent an e-mail to someone asking about KT. It's a classmate from grad school who I haven't really talked to since graduating. I wrote Three an e-mail about a month a half ago congratulating her on her second child. She replied last night.

I cautioned to her that it's early and I don't know what will happen. I just asked if she remembered him and whether she had any thoughts about him. Both she and her husband should remember him from college. Should I have asked? Eeeck (gritting my teeth) I hope this isn't weird. I'm curious what Three might be able to tell me about his personality. Maybe it will give me some insight into his flakiness/cluelessness?

I held my cursor over the "Send" button for the longest time, fretting over the action (a little voice in me moaning, "don't go there"). I pinched my eyes shut as the screen processed the command. Part of me feels absolute dread over poking around. Besides, they haven't talked to him since college so how much will still be true of KT? Of course, she's so busy with family and work I may not hear from her for a month. ;)

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