Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A nice start to the evening

Wow, for some reason this makes me feel good. It's just nice to get a little note that's so date-like. :D

"Just wanted to confirm plans for tonight. Turns out I am going to attend a different seminar this afternoon. It's a last minute kind of thing. In any case, I will probably get out earlier than I normally would for work. If for some reason you can and would like to meet earlier, just give me a call.

See you tonight. Meet you at Border's. I may be upstairs in the cafe if you don't see me downstairs."

I hope everything goes well tonight. I'm running on four hours of sleep (oh, the consequences of procrastination), so I probably better find some caffeine around 5pm.

1 comment:

Anna May Won't said...

yay! it's so nice to have another date so close to the last one.