Wednesday, April 05, 2006

More insight from old friends

Three just wrote back again. She and her husband talked a little about me dating KT. Needless to say, she isn't too surprised about my frustration.

"Hmmm... that sounds like KT. Again, he is a very sweet and genuine guy, but I seem to remember that dating was not one of his strengths. :) He's a book smart guy who tried to "fit in" with the "cool guys" -- does this make sense at all? I'm not trying to make KT out to be a geek, but if you had to draw a line, he'd be on the geek side but a nice one. :)"

Yeah, not a surprise to me. This speaks to the insecurity I've suspected he has and perhaps why he needed some religion to give him comfort and a sense of being.

"Not sure if this helping you or making you more depressed, but if KT hasn't changed since [college] in terms of his personality, he really is a good guy and may be worth waiting for if you are still interested. I just think it sounds like he is still nervous around women which doesn't surprise me. Are you interested in him?"

KT has a lot of things I want, BUT this one problem is a little bigger than I might be able to handle. I want him to like me; I want to hold hands with him; I want us to be in love. [EXHALE] I would agree that he is a gem in the rough. What does she mean by wait? Wait for him to get a clue? God, that might be years if he's supposed to figure that out by himself! Believe me, I'm sympathetic but should I invest my time in him?

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