Thursday, April 06, 2006

Oh, yeah, that other person

So in the midst of all this I never heard anything back from the two speed daters. I guess Gof just thinks we're friends. It's too bad he couldn't make it to the movie that weekend. [sarcastic half laugh] Maybe he's got the same insecurity/nervous issue at KT. Imagine juggling two guys like this? [chills run through my arms]

Striped shirt man was supposed to return from his business/vacation trip yesterday. I gave him my phone number and indicated he should call when he got back. Maybe the interest has faded now that some four weeks have passed. It happens.

There is another speed dating event this weekend, but neither Sh, Suna, or I have any inclination to go (wow we're passing up something that's FREE ;) ). While it was entertaining I think Suna's going to give the online dating route a try. Sh always does fine because either she meets a friend of a friend or gets set up.

Hmmmm, speaking of that... I've never heard anything from that friend of Lips. I wonder if they chatted? I've been so buried in KT drama that that fell off my radar. (Or, admittedly, I'm hoping I don't need to go that route.) Depending on how this weekend goes with KT, I'll follow up next week.

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