Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My thinking on that dinner thing

If what KT stated by his comments and birthday card are correct, then I guess I can't call last night a date right?

I pretty sure I have the answer I was looking for. While it's not necessarily what I wanted to hear, I'm satisfied that I have some clarity. Sure, I like him, but I had my reservations. Psychologically, I'm sure I will be able to rationalize this and say that it wouldn't have worked out in the long run so nothing lost.

Still, I can't helped be confused about taking me out to dinner last night and giving me a gift. Is this an act out of guilt? Oh, brother, please. Part of me can't help wonder if Three or her husband relayed a message to him to be clear or end this. And what's with the encouraging that we talk by instant message from time to time?

Next steps... just take it as it comes. If this was a guilt thing, then I don't expect to hear from him. If he wants to be friends, then maybe I'll hear from him time to time. I certainly wouldn't be averse to hanging out. I think we get along and have things in common. There's no need to throw that away completely.

I instant messaged Is this morning. We got pretty snippety about it when I told her I need to send a "thank you" message to him for the gift card.

p: ugh... I don't know what to say in this thank you e-mail
i: just keep it light and simple
i: dear ken
p: so it's okay to say "that was very sweet and thoughtful"?
i: thanks for dinner last night and the $20 gift card
i: i was hoping for something more romantic, but i guess you're too much of a clueless slug
i: hahaha
p: :)) [laughing]
p: And you really should be more direct with girls
p: I'm not letting you meet my friends ever again, get your own
i: :))
i: but seriously, i guess the generic thank you email will suffice

I'm not going to psycho on him or make any brutal statements. Taking the high road, no matter how tempting expressing yourself in the heat of the moment can be, is how you want people to remember you. And so...

"I wanted to write and say "thank you" for dinner and Borders gift
card. That was very thoughtful of you. It was a nice way to kick off
my birthday.

I'm hoping for a relatively quiet day. I'm still in my pjs but
probably need to get out and run some errands. I'll celebrate with my
friends on Saturday with the games night.

I hope you don't think I'm too weird or anything because I check up
on people. (I think it's also good to know what other people can see
about me.) I realize it might seem strange to people who don't know
me. If you're curious about the people search websites, here's one
link: http:

Have a good day,"

So here ends another dating saga. There's a small part of me wondering if he's just trying to take things slow, but I can't and shouldn't bet on that. I'm back at square one. I'd best check with Lips to find out about meeting her friend's friends. But that can wait until after my vacation - two weeks alone with Tim. (No, nothing's going to happen. We both joke from time to time, but I know there'll be nooky between us.)

Today, it's about enjoying my birthday and hanging out with friends!

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Anna May Won't said...

happy birthday, pandax!