Friday, April 14, 2006

It's my brother's turn today

Today is my brother's birthday. When I was about to turn nine-year-old, I remembering asking my parents if I could have a birthday party. I was told, "no," because the family was expecting the arrival of my brother. Yes, he was supposed to come on my birthday. Obviously, being nine, I was a bit annoyed and disappointed. Still, I love that I have a brother.

This fall, he will be getting married. He and his fiance have asked me to be the officiant. That means I'm supposed to stand with them, in front of 300 people and deliver an eloquent speech about marriage and take everyone through the process of being married.

ACK!!! Can you say "pressure?" I think this is actually scarier than if a friend had asked. I say that because I really don't feel like I know either of them well enough to do them justice. It's a great honor and I accept the challenge, I'm just afraid of letting them down or embarrassing myself. I'm probably putting extra pressure on myself since my parents and all of my relatives will be watching. Who cares as much if it's a bunch of relatives of friends right? ;)

I still have several months but as I've begun the mental process of trying to wrap my arms around the idea of marriage, I think this might be a really good chance for me to learn something. I hope to read ("hope" being the operative work) a couple excerpts from various sources - magazine, bridal books, religious summaries, poetry - to help me get a sense of expectations, psychology, wisdom, beliefs, etc. Perhaps from reading all of this I'll gain better insight into what I want. :) Any reading recommendations are welcome.

We shall see...

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