Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Up for inspection

I called KT briefly last night. It turns out he had e-mailed me minutes before I called. He said that 80s dancing sounds good and then asked if this was a group thing. I confirmed that was the case. I could have asked if he was comfortable with that. Does he think he's being tested?

This'll be interesting. There will be more than a dozen people there, half of whom are people I consider friends. It will be enlightening to see how he interacts with them. I am very curious to see how he dances (oh please don't embarrass me). I never got to see my ex, Ryan, dance at a club. He was fine with ballroom stuff; it was weird to imagine him grooving to the music. Hopefully KT will be okay given his social stuff in college and down in LA. I wonder what he'll think of my dancing? Maybe it'll be too sexy for shy boy. ;)

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