Friday, May 12, 2006

Template issues

Okay, being the novice html programmer (I could figure this out if I sat down for a few hours and dusted the cobwebs off my former life as a programmer), I need help. I noticed that in the past week, the format of my blog shifted. In the "dot" template it looked as if you could only see my profile info first and had to scroll down to get to the text. Now, in the "rounders" template it's the reverse where you can read the entries but must scroll down to read the blog info. Is this just my computer? Does anyone else reading this blog see this problem?

It would see that somehow the two columns cannot sit side by side so the right column is shifting down. I see all other blogs normally (including my others), just this one seems to be messed up... and I haven't played with the html code except to insert a counter at after the body of code.

The only thing I can think of based on reading some help postings (nice to know there are other people with this issue) is that I posted that picture of the birthday card back in mid-April and somehow it shifted everything? (I tried removing the two photos I have, but it's didn't change anything. :( )



Anna May Won't said...

the issue may be in the gilmore girls article post - the link doesn't wrap to the next line.

i've had issues like this when i've put up photos that are too wide.

jayfish said...

i'll echo doris, in that post from monday, it looks wonky.
other than that, the blog format looks normal.

Pandax said...

Eureka! Thanks Doris and Jayfish, you found it.