Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Cube me

So I got back to thinking about this personality quiz I had heard of a few times. You may recall it from "Serendipity" where John Cuzack's character is quizzed about Kate Beckinsale.

It's always interesting to see what kind of answers one can come up with and how they might represent you. If you want to play this game, think through each section carefully before moving on to the next. Once you read the interpretation, you'll influence any answers you give.

Imagine a desert. There is a horizon and sky.
In this desert there is a cube.
What does it look like?
How big is the cube?
What color?
What is it made of (if you can tell)?

Now, in this desert, there is also a ladder.
What's the ladder made of?
Where is it (in relation to the cube)?

In the desert there is also a horse.
What kind of horse is it?
What color?
Where is it?
What is it doing?

Somewhere in the desert is a storm.
What kind of storm is this?
Where do you see it? Which way is it proceeding?

And finally, in this desert there are flowers.
Where are the flowers?
Are there many or few?
What color, what kind?
Where is it?


You can read about the analysis here (or you can Google for many other descriptions):

This website itself seems a little weird. I'm always amazed and frightened by the stuff that exists on the Internet. While it's a wonderful way to spread information and teach people about the word, it's also an evil place where lies can be spread and untruths can be perpetuated.


My answers? Well, maybe I've been to too many museums, but I immediately pictured this immense black, metal cube standing on its point. It stood showing maybe one-third below the horizon. But then, I wanted to change my cube to a glass material with a water like glow. It stands pretty big... I'm guess it's 12 feet high?

=> It would appear I'm ambitious and pure. Apparently I'm not well-grounded but have a sense of self-worth, and amfull of myself. Eeck. Blech. I think this speaks to my *need* to feel important though I don't believe I am.

The ladder lays on edge behind the cube. It's made of light wood and is almost new. It's probably 6-8 feet in length.

=> I have a healthy relationship with my many friends. Don't know what the ladder being behind the cube could mean... that I come first? [this isn't making me look to good eh?]

The horse is a beautiful chesnut brown with a black mane. He stands to the right of the cube so that he can use the shade created by the sun to cool himself. He not huge, but a healthy, sturdy-sized adult horse.

=> Aw, I want my lover to be very close emotionally and physically. :) I would agree that I want someone who "bigger" but no too big. No one too bulky or over 6' please.

There is a vase of bright Gerber daisies just a few feet in front of the cube. They are flowers of varying colors.

=> I want many children who grow up well-adjusted, but I probably want them to be reasonably independent. [now I'm mixing in what I know of myself]

You can see the storm over the horizon, it passed the cube already and is headed away from the scene. It was big but is now dissipating.

=> Boy, I hope this is true of my life. That time with Ryan was a very dark period. I do feel like I'm enjoying better times now. :)

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