Monday, May 22, 2006

Feeling lonely

This is what I get for watching "While You Were Sleeping" and an episode of the "Gilmore Girls" where there's an auction for picnic baskets. Lane loses Henry, and Jess steals Rory from Dean. Jackson proposes to Sookie over a picnic lunch. God I feel lonely.

I'm sitting here thinking how much I wish I had someone to care for in my life. Today is the first day in some four weeks I've spent an evening alone. Usually I relish quiet time, but somehow, right now, it makes me feel rather pathetic. Maybe it's also because I just got my friend's bridal shower invitation. And this morning, another friend sent out a comical e-mail about husbands to a list of friends, virtually all being married or otherwise involved except for me and one other person. Yeah, I'm feeling rather lame.

Oh, whoops, I guess I should go. I need to tidy up the place for the darn exterminator that's coming tomorrow to look at my termite problem. Maybe I'll ask the guy to inspect my attic to see if I have any creatures hiding up there. There could be rats, roaches, termites, or spiders.

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zerodoll said...

That was when I knew I was ready to date again, when I was feeling sad that I had so much love and caring to give someone and no one to give it to. It's hard feeling that way, but when you meet someone special who deserves that love, it will feel wonderful.