Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Phoenix visit

I'm visiting Phoenix today for a quick business trip. I woke up around 4am for my 6:15am flight. I'll probably get home after 10pm. Ugh. And then it's back to the office the next morning. What was I thinking?

At least there was a long break at lunch. We ate at a restaurant located in the shopping center across the street. I even managed to stop by a couple stores before heading back to the meeting. No surprise that I couldn't find many petites at the smaller stores. The big department store actually had a decent selection of clothes. I suppose they're catering to the upper class retired folks around here.

One thing I was curious about was whether they'd have my size in underwear. Last weekend, I decided to go for buying some new, a little more expensive (i.e. $5 per pair on sale) panties. Unfortunately, where I live, my size isn't to be found presumably because there are hundreds of other women buying the same size. My logic (call it racist if you will) is that since there are fewer Asians in Arizona, I might find my size. Other people will probably have bigger butts given their ethnicity and age of clientele.

Well, the answer is yes. I found my size, and in more colors than just ivory, white, nude, and black. It's fun to buy colors, and I hadn't seen many until today. It's a no win situation. You need critical mass so the stuff that fits you will be stocked, but you don't want so many people that it's all sold before you can buy it.

And buying underwear always makes me wonder... how useful are lacy or other "fancy" panties. I do have a few sets of matching lingerie in my drawer which are fun to wear on occaision. Guys may look at them for a few seconds before they come off. Is it really worth it? Do guys really care? I just want something comfortable to wear, like a nice, nylon/cotton (with lycra), bikini style bottom. It's still cute just not the lacy, itchy, stuff.

I guess it's like me when it comes to men's white briefs. They look like diapers to me sometimes. I prefer briefs in colors and boxers.


zerodoll said...

OK, stop living a parallel life! I went to the dentist yesterday and did a one day business trip today! Ack!

Pandax said...

At least you didn't have the roach. ;)