Thursday, May 25, 2006

Posting for an older man

While I don't do Internet dating myself, I'm always curious to what kind of people post and what they're looking for. Besides all the people looking for affairs and the unconventional trading of casual relationships for rent, I was intrigued with this posting by a woman who specifically wanted a much older man.

The reason this caught my attention is because she specifically mentions "love to have kids" as a criteria. I find it interesting she wants to start a family with someone who is significantly older. I realize that in today's society, it's much more acceptable to delay starting a family, but I personally am bothered by the idea this next generation of children will likely have to start caring for their elderly parents when they graduate from college.

There are some clear reasons for pursuing someone older, but from my own perspective, I also imagine the challenges. I can't help be curious about her reasonings for her specific, non-traditional age pairing. (Or is this a ruse for a sugar-daddy?)

Beautiful Successful looking for a Successful... - 33

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Date: 2006-05-21, 8:30PM PDT

Very pretty Asian American girl, charming and successful...always has a quality healthy life, love piano, golf,nature, animals... seeking for only one special man who i would respect, admire and trust for the rest of my life.

you should be around 50 years old, very mature and successful,worldly,patient, love to have kids, willing to share your life with me and help me grow...


Your reply should declare about your age, your career...


Anna May Won't said...

she's gonna a SH*Tload of responses.

yuck - 50! obviously she wants a sugar daddy, someone to take care of her.


jayfish said...

yeah, trolling for cash. i've never seen anything on craigslist that looked sincere. unless you count all the "casual encounters". had the best bs to sincerity ratio, imo.