Friday, May 12, 2006

Better but still bothered

I talked further with Tim last night. He came over and watched the finale of "Gilmore Girls" with me. He was sweet enough to look for and find an Internet version so I could see what happened to Lorelai. (My suspicious were going in the correct direction in terms of what happened.) We also caught up on "Lost" to see who died see what Michael is up to.

Later on in the evening, I brought up the question again about traveling with people. I cautioned him that my hormones were a bit off. I repeated what he said about not wanting me as a first choice. He said I was being silly because he enjoyed traveling with me. It's just that for something like "Amazing Race" he'd want someone who'd eat grasshoppers and swim past poisonous spiders. Well, yeah, if we're talking like that, I'd want a big, muscular guy with no fear too.

Still, what Sh said upset me, even if she had no intentional ill feeling behind it. (I know, why should her opinion matter... ) Tim tried to blow it off saying she simply meant to demonstrate that the two of us have very different personalities. I explained to him that that wasn't the point. My concern with her opinion was that if I couldn't get along with Tim, who is very laid back and easy going, then who else could I possibly get along with. It bothers me to think that I'm a difficult person. It's something I strongly fear. He tried to reason with me, but my hormones just took over.

Of course, even Tim and I got on each other's nerves a bit during the vacation. But we always managed to joke, tease, and laugh about it minutes later. We had a disagreement the very night we came back. He was frustrated that there was no time stamp to his cell phone's voicemail messages. I told him they do have time stamps. He kept disagreeing, saying they only exist for the saved messages. I kept insisting he could access them. To prove his point, he told me to leave a message on his cell phone so he could demonstrate there was no time stamp. I left a message and then listened to his voicemail, pressed '5' for the envelope information, and told him that I was listening to the time and date stamp. He then took the phone from me, asked me what I did, repeated my steps, and then quietly shut the phone.

We had been miscommunicating a bit. He had been talking about how the saved messages automatically provide the time and date. He didn't realize there was an extra step involved to access that information on new messages. He apologized and thanked me for telling him. I acknowledged that I should have been clearer about where the information was. We smiled and moved on. A five minute argument and all was well. I think we get along very well. We fight fair and are open with each other. It's one of the best relationships I have. I can't say that for many situations I've had with other men.

This is why (besides irrational hormone number #4) it upset me to be told that Tim and I wouldn't get along in a team competition. Yes, it would be intense, but I know we'd do well together.

And on a funny note:

Daily Overview for May 12, 2006
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Hold off doing major activities today -- just let the world go by for a while.

Self-acceptance is a magical thing -- it can smooth out so many situations in your life. Be gentle with yourself and you'll find that people, places and things that caused you stress in the past disappear.

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