Thursday, May 18, 2006

Long days

I'm really tired and somewhat concerned about my health today. Since Sunday, I've bee trying to catch up on rest. Right now... I can't even remember what I was doing on Monday evening. ... okay I just called Tim and he reminded me I ended up watching "Grey's Anatomy" until 11pm. Tonight will be my third straight day of not being home from 8am until past 9pm. I know, it's my own choice to stay up and then not get enough rest (except Tues); I shouldn't complain. It's fun, but it doesn't give me much time to recharge. What am I going to do when I have kids?

This week has been rather odd, I can't find a better word to describe it. I've been getting mild headaches since Sunday. I think it's my annual phase of my eyes not liking my computer monitor. Add to that a strange pain shooting through my left forearm and shoulder. (It could be repetitive motion related, but it feels very different from previous times.) Is this middle age creeping up on me?

Discomfort combined with a lack of motivation is not healthy for getting work done. I discussed this with my therapist, but she wasn't very helpful. It's very difficult for me to separate being simply unhappy/bored with my current job versus being unhappy with my career in general. I tend to think it's the former. Don't get me wrong, I do like my job but I think I've been working on this one product too long and the politics are getting to me. Unfortunately, I'm not ready to do anything about it because I don't really feel like working. I'm the kind of person who can do really good work when pushed. Let to my own, however, I have a bad habit of putzing around for far too long. Ideally, I'd like to take the summer off because some part of me hopes that it'll give me time to participate in all kinds of activities which will: 1) help me meet men and 2) reinspire my interest in work. Financially, I could afford to take a few months off, but quitting work and not knowing what would happen three months from now scares me (especially with a mortgage to pay).

I had twenty minutes to spare before I needed to meet my friends for dinner and the finale of "Amazing Race." I decided to stop by Anthropologie for fun. I love their clothes, but frankly, it's *expensive* and not always suited to short people like me. In the end, I splurged on a cute brown skirt with an ivory floral pattern. It was marked down from the original $88 to $60. For me, that's incredibly expensive (thank goodness I have a credit card again). You have to understand that I buy things that are 50% to 75% off retail. Some part of me was fed up enough last night with my boring clothes to allow this extravagant purchase to proceed. It's still a little big on me... it seems I can never win on my waist. I love how it flares up as I walk down stairs and the bottom inch of the lining is finished with embroidery in case it peaks out. That attention to detail is nice and maybe worth the extra cost. We'll see if it stays in my closet or goes back to the store next week. I have a feeling I will keep it.

The "Amazing Race" finale was great. We were all cheering at the end because brains won out over brawn. Being the geeks we are, it can be frustrating always seeing the smooth talkers and "muscle" win out over the "smart" people. I think all the teams deserved to win, but you can't help root for the people who you more associate with.

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