Monday, March 26, 2007

My usual paranoia

I was checking through my e-mails yesterday. I've been e-mailing Strategist for a couple weeks now. The last few made me feel like we had a good connection with interests. He paid attention to things I wrote in my profile and asked some light and serious questions.

His most recent e-mail seemed less enthusaistic. While he provided some nice detail about himself in response to questions I asked, the lightheartedness was missing. he didn't ask any questions of me. Reading it took the air out of my hope balloon. I'm sure I'm imagining things. I know that people would tell me to stop thinking so negatively.

Did I blow it with my candid response about sometimes interrupting people and trying to limit my tendency? How am I supposed to reply when he gave me nothing to talk about?

I could write back and simply add to the current conversation and the new information about himself he offered - like where he grew up and where he works. It's just hard when it doesn't seem like they want to know you. Then my wild, paranoid imagination takes over and I start looking for things wrong with me.

I also have to remember that he's probably talking to other women. How can I keep his attention? Will he ask for my phone number or to meet up for coffee?

I'm going to just continue as I would with anyone. I'm going to hope this was just a momentary distraction. Maybe he felt obligated to answer but didn't have enough time to write. Sigh. I'll give myself today to think about something good to write, a couple exploratory questions, and maybe give him my phone number... .

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Admin said...

I love the nicknames you create for your potential online paramours!

As always, don't stress out. Feel free to write him an extra message, give out your number, etc. Take control of the process a little.

You can bet he's chatting with at least a few other women. You should do the same, so you're not solely focused on the Strategist ;)