Sunday, March 04, 2007

Frozen in the middle

My potential date with V500 never matierialized. We exchanged e-mails, decided on a time over the weekend to meet for coffee, pondered where to meet. I provided a couple suggestions and a rough time that worked for both of us. At the end of my last e-mail I also felt obligated to mention there was the *tiniest* chance I might go skiing and have to cancel.

V500 wrote back and indicated which place he thought would be good for meeting up. He said he understood my interest in going skiing and understood if I needed to cancel. I read this e-mail during lunch but didn't respond as I try not to spend too much time during work hours on dating stuff.

When I went back later that night to send him an e-mail confirming the time and place for our meeting, I found that he had frozen our connection. No reason was given for this temporary situation. I was very perplexed. There was nothing I could do through the system to signal him (other than deleting him). I didn't have his real e-mail address or a phone number through which to reach him. I was left hanging. So was our date still on?

Since the date was unconfirmed, I could only assume it was not happening. A couple days passed with no change in status. Still, I decided it would be nice to go out, get some magazine reading done, and be there in case there was a miscommunication. I arrived at the cafe 30 minutes before our discussed time and ordered a milk tea. I read some articles about Club Penguin for tweens, a who's who of blogging, and runners with prosthetic techonology. A friend called, and we chatted about our vacation planning. After an hour passed, I felt satisifed with the amount of reading I had accomplished and headed home. No one ever came through the cafe door that looked like him.

Regardless of the reason, I still think it was rather rude to simply freeze me without explanation. Was he offended that I read his last e-mail but didn't immediately reply? If he had decided to get serious with one of his other dates, it would have been nice if he had simply said that. I understand that online dating requires juggling many dates at varying stages of progress. You'd think it a courtesy to write some brief message, no matter how vague. How about something like, "I'm afraid I can't make it. We'll have to reschedule." Getting an automated message saying "V500 has temporarily frozen communications" is lame. Am I wrong?


Anna May Won't said...

totally lame! you're right that he should have sent a quick email at least or something.

good attitude about it though.

Pandax said...

I realized that I might run into him later this week. I'm volunteering and in one of his e-mails he happened to mention going to a similar event several times in the past. Boy, wouldn't that be awkward.