Saturday, August 19, 2006

Wrapping up "How to Get the Guy"

I watched on Friday night. Yeah, it was a bit boring. They were obviously cutting the clips to make for an uplifting, optimistic ending.

Tim watched with me. He was pretty annoyed at the whole thing. Firstly, he complained that none of the girls were that cute. That dinner with the married couple was completely useless. We also kept wondering how much time passed between dates. How much communication occurred between dates via e-mail and phone? It was difficult to know if sufficient time had passed to make the decisions that were shown.

The one thing we both agreed is that some of the dates were rather extravagant. Sean rented a limo to Sonoma, come on. After seeing them sailing around on the yacht (and never actually handling the ropes), Tim laughed and thought Sean was doing this only to impress the camera, not Michelle. This was his way of looking cool so he can get more dates after his 15 minutes of fame. Not a shocker they broke up just after the show finished.

The whole thing with Kris... eh... . Gee, what a surprise considering how easy it was for her to get dates. We should all have such problems. Why did she need to be on the show?

I felt bad for Anne. Asking personal questions is tough for me too. I think that's why some of my relationships have failed to develop. It was awkward and maybe early, but that guy, as Tim put it, "had a deer in headlights" look. He was lame.

Alyssa's LA guy was mysterious to me. Did I miss some detail? It's a personal thing, I can't imagine starting a new relationship when you live hundreds of miles away. He looked kind of sloppy, but they looked like they were happy. That speech on the beach was weird, what is he - a psychologist or something?

For myself, it was hard to watch at times. I couldn't help wonder whether I'll ever feel that happy again. The two times anyone has ever said those three special words to me, my intuition was that they said it because they needed to not because they truly felt it. I want to believe that someone out there can love me.

While it wasn't anything amazing, I'm glad I at least have an ending. Do any of them have a blog?

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