Friday, August 25, 2006

Weekend blah-b

I've had absolutely nothing to say the past couple days. My mind is just one pathetic blob of moping. I feel like a live a needless and meaningless existence (other than providing money to corporate executives). It must be those monthly hormones because I'm totally bored (and feeling fat). What happens in a child's life that transforms them into interesting adults? Can I still make it up?

Last night: Home... shopping online and watching tv
Tonight: Clearance shopping and then go home, maybe I'll do some laundry
Tomorrow: Help my brother move, pay some bills, kill the ivy that's invading my patio, head up to the dance studio to practice my routine
Day After Tomorrow: Be taken on a grueling 10-mile hike (Chi's gonna bust my ass up those hills) and go to a farewell BBQ


I e-mailed Pisces the other day. I haven't talked to her since the wedding. We don't talk as much (at all really) as we did when she lived in the same metro area. I gave up on calling a long time ago due to the 3-hour difference and her typically early bedtime.

It was refreshing to hear back from her so quickly. She wrote a detailed recap of her house hunt and the winning choice they made despite the fact she's not all that excited about the place. She knew her husband would love it. They close this week and now need to prepare her condo and his house for sale.

Considering it's been almost three months since we talked, it got me to thinking about the general concept of keeping in touch. I've never been good about chatting with people. I was a terrible pen pal. I wasn't one of those teenagers who talked on the phone every day. What's wrong with me? One part of it is laziness, the other part is not knowing how to make every day events into interesting stories.

Now, as an adult, I haphazardly talk to friends. I feel like I'm bothering them if I call. What if they're in the middle of something, like helping the kids with homework? What is normal in terms of keeping in contact with friends? Granted my friends aren't good about contacting me either, unless they're planning to visit the area. So am I a bad friend or is this just a general thing and you really only regularly talk to a few close, close friends?

Hmmm, that reminds me, maybe I should give my cousin a call to say "hello."


zerodoll said...

i'm bad about calling people too; i always seem to wait to be called. how rude of me.

wait, dance routine?

Pandax said...

I've probably mentioned before that I've been taking some dance classes. The steps we're learning are supposed to culminate in a two-minute group performance. Uh yeah... probably not me. The one-third of the class that paired off with friends or SOs will more likely be the ones out there. It's too difficult when you don't have a consistent partner to practice with. Still it's fun. :)