Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Company Profile on HotJobs

I was briefly browsing jobs yesterday and came across some postings from this company -
Friend Finder Network. Now if you've ever heard of this company, you'd know they assist in hooking up people for... ahem... casual encounters. (Yes, I'm a bit prudish in public.) I like how they mentioned they're a top online dating site as mentioned in a "special report." What could it have been?

Nothing good or bad about it. Everyone is allowed to choose their lifestyle. It's certainly not me, though I find that world intriguing (and entertaining to browse). The idea of working for the company is, well, bizarre. Frankly, I'd be embarrassed to say that I work there. Don't companies like this usually operate under a more blandly named corporate entity?

The other entertaining aspect of this is the city where the company is located. Palo Alto is this suburban mix of Stanford students, well-educated professionals, and wealthy people. I would have pictured a company like this being located in a more urban center like San Francisco or Los Angeles. Maybe I'm missing something about the demographics of people who would use this site, but it seems like if the local citizens knew about this company, they'd chase them out of town. I know there not the only edgy company to be located in an average suburb, but it's always such a surprise when you are familiar with the town. (I have friends who attended Stanford and lived there briefly.)

Can you just imagine the questions the employees must get asked by friends and acquaintances? It'd sure make for a good conversation starter at parties. I wonder what kinds of crazy stories they have to tell from the customer service department.

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