Friday, August 18, 2006 Unaired Episodes of H2GG

Woohoo! Thanks to a posting by Anonymous Rants I can now find out what happened in the last two episodes of "How to Get the Guy." ABC must have received enough requests from us closet watchers to post them on their website.

I'm going to bed early tonight so I can volunteer bright and early Saturday (what was I thinking). This should make for a decent bedtime story (and no commercials :D).


Clinton said...

Well, that was a good way to piss away some time at work this Friday afternoon!
Really cool they offered the last 2 episodes for free. They pretty much got me up to speed on the 4 girls and their dating lives.

The last episode naturally got uber cheesy and I realized how much everyone was playing for the camera, which is inevitable with this sort of stuff. Any time Kris and Josh were onscreen it was a snooze fest. They seemed to be hitting it off the best, but it still felt so stilted.

Michelle seemd to have found her match in Sean(?)... the guy with zero personality. He hooked her in with his looks and was laid back yet strong enough to handle her domineering personality. Not surprised it didin't work out for them.

Glad they included Anne in the show, if only to show how girls are responsible for "putting it out there" just as much as guys, just in a different way. I think the dating coaches steered her wrong by giving poor Dennis the interogation. What, they had 4, 5 dates? Ease up! On the other hand, Dennis did a shitty job of handling those simple questions... even "what were you like in highschool". C'mon dude...

Didn't really get a real feel for Alissa. She fit the "free spirit" archetype, which she sorta was. All i really got from her was from that handy montage of her being kinda dismissive and rude on her dates prior to meeting Grant... who delivered his gag-inducing blah blah on the beach in the final episode. Gag me with a spoon, buddy.

But hey, I watched it all. It was some good entertainment for sure!

zerodoll said...

i still need to watch the last episode, but i guess i was disappointed in alissa for putting her eggs in the long-distance basket. it seemed like she really liked joey at first and that they would complement each other but once she met creepy grant, it was all over. and her pants were UGLY!!! UGLY!

Pandax said...

That whole scene with Kris and Josh at the Palace of Fine Arts seemed too perfect. How is it they had such nice camera shots?