Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Losers in disguise

I shouldn't give KT another 5 minutes of fame, but I just can't help myself.

Although I'm not active on any major dating websites, I browse them about once a month just to get an idea of who's out there. Imagine my surprise when I recognized a new face. Yes, it's the guy who dated me to meet my friends.

Weird, he didn't turn up in my standard search which has a 20-mile radius. I happened to experiment and increased the distance of my search to 30 miles. Then KT's profile showed up on the list. The odd thing is that our two locations are are 15 miles apart. When I changed my default settings to the wider radius, he still doesn't show up. Apparently, I'm not meant to see him. Ha ha.

He wrote a quite long and detailed profile, almost sharing too much information. Nothing bad, just that some things you should hold off on mentioning until after exchanging a few e-mails.

Here are a few snippets I got a kick out of:

"My place: No Answer" -What? Isn't it cool to say that you live with your parents.

"I value responsibility and a kind heart." - Yeah, that's why you were always late and didn't have the nerve to be honest with me about not wanting to date? Okay, you did give me a $20 gift card to Borders Books.

"I am a physician specializing in ... . My ethnic background is Chinese-American (full-blooded Chinese but born in the U.S.). " - Does he have any idea how many gold diggers and Asian women needing green cards he's going to attract? ;)

"My match is ... Someone who also values responsibility. Someone who has a good heart, to win mine over :-) " - In other words, the woman needs to do all the work and pursue him? Oh brother, no thanks!

"Where I've always wanted to visit: China, England, New Zealand" - You take vacations to stay near home, and you said you've never taken a vacation abroad. Go already... .

"Turn-offs: Skinny dipping, Thrills" - No skinny dipping? Well, that's a deal-breaker for me! ;)

"TV show: Frasier" - How long ago did they film the last episode?

Okay, okay, I know I'm picking on him. After all his lameness interacting with me, I give myself license for a little entertainment at his expense. I really am usually a nice person. I'm sure he's a decent guy; I just saw the lazy side of him. Much of his profile does sound like him. It's intriguing how people can give such a good impression on "paper" and yet result in such a disparate experience. And maybe, sometimes, the reverse could also be true.


Anna May Won't said...

you're funny, esp the skinny dipping and frasier lines. you're so right: the show went off the air sooo long ago. get a new one!

zerodoll said...

and really, who liked frasier?! that would be a turn-off for me!

Pandax said...

Combining what I know about him and what he wrote, he's a very conservative guy. I'm definitely not that compatible - too independent and not traditional enough. He'd probably be incredibly uncomfortable just seeing me dance to a sexy song! ... and I consider myself reasonably prudish and wholesome.