Monday, August 07, 2006


I suppose I knew it would come eventually. [unclench fingers, breathe] I just didn't think I'd find it so annoyinggggggg. It's like seeing a hairy, fat, man naked.

"Hi P,
How are things going? How was the camping trip on the [island]. The bike ride was ok, though I found out one of my gear shifters is malfunctioning. I'm planning to do a camping/white water rafting trip in a couple of weeks myself.
Hope all is well.


What am I supposed to say to this lamehead? Why bother keeping in touch with me? Can I envision wanting to waste future time with this person? Am I overreacting? (I'll have to look at my e-mails to other people and see if I write such bland stuff.) I feel like I have to be polite and respond but there's just nothing to say to this guy. How can I respect him after what happened? At least he didn't ask about my friends... . ;P


Megan said...

Why do you have to respond politely? What would happen if you just didn't answer, or answered dismissively? Would that make you a different person? Would it be a fun experiment, with nothing to lose, 'cause you don't want to hang out with him anyway?

What did he do?

Pandax said...

My thinking is that on the off chance I'll run into him in the future (because apparently our circles may overlap slightly)... isn't it best to be civil? It seems less awkward to play nice than be dismissive and then run into him later. Who knows. If I had the talent for making subtle, humorous remarks that could express my disinterest, I would.

If you are curious and have time, look back at entries from March and early April about KT.

mini said...

perhaps something equally as frustrating back ... along the lines of "camping was fun. i'm doing well, thanks! -pandax"

he really didn't leave any open questions to be answered aside from the cliched 'how are things', so if it were me, I probably wouldn't even write back.

zerodoll said...

a fairly chilly distant response (in person) without being overtly rude can do wonders. no need to reply to a blah email that asked no questions.

Pandax said...

Thanks everybody. I'm going to go hit delete on his e-mail now. Hopefully something clever and sarcastic will come to mind should I ever run into him again. ;)